Students Qualify for NHD District Tournament


Caleb Dearing and Luke Panzo’s exhibit on the effects social media has relative to communication will go to districts.

Rhea Thakkar, Staff Writer

National History Day is the ultimate project for certain history classes at Lake Mary Prep, and this year there are a total of fifteen qualifiers for the district-level tournament. Celebrated across America, NHD is a fair done by students who choose significant events in history related to a theme selected by the national committee. This year’s theme is Communication, and there are five categories that students can choose from in order to exemplify their understanding of communication in history. The five categories are essay/paper, documentary, website, performance, and exhibit.

In the senior division, Siraj Virji and McKenzie Mages have qualified for their documentaries. In the essay/paper category, juniors Cam Ngyuen Huynh and Jackson Lamarre will be heading to districts. In the exhibit category, juniors Caleb Dearing and Luke Panzo will go as a team, and Challis Payne for her solo exhibit. Junior Quan Hoang Ding has also made it to districts by creating a website.

Virji said, “The biggest part of my preparation, beyond any research or editing, is understanding my project. It’s what separates my project from being a glorified Wikipedia page. I moved to the United States last year from Canada and had moved to Canada shortly before that, but I have always had an interest in American current events. I think everyone can agree when I write that we as a country have had our ups and downs with protests recently. As such, I made my project to not only tell people about the past but to give them steps for the future.”

In the junior division, Delaney Miller and Cadence Cobb have qualified for their exhibits. Juliana Brown and Mashal Mardanzai created district-worthy websites while Leo McCauley will go for his performance. Katie-Rose Mundale-Jones is going to districts for her paper. Violet Burch and Gabriella Humleker worked together to make a documentary and Blake Curtis independently created a documentary.

Seventh grader Miller said, “My project was on the Stonewall Riot and how it affects the future of gay rights. I feel super ready for districts, knowing that my exhibit has a center theme, is very well decorated, filled with true and interesting information, and covered in pride flags.”

History teachers Ms. Alicea and Mr. Niven have worked with their students during and outside of class in order to make their projects exemplary and ready for this fair. An outside judge came in to examine each student’s project and decide who to send to the district level. 

Congratulations qualifiers! Good luck at Districts!