LMP Brings Back Prom in 2021, Elects Homecoming Court


Photo courtesy: LMP's Instagram

Above: Prom king and queen, Eric Torres and Kate Dawson. Right are the winners of homecoming court: Duncan Brett and Sarah Delvy (top); Luke Panzo and Brianna Letterio (center); Steven Dimtrakakis and Khushi Mehta (bottom).

Kaylyn Phung and Rachel Dearing, Staff Writers

After last year’s cancellation of prom due to the pandemic, Lake Mary Prep’s student government leader Mrs. Gina Bortz planned a dance at the Hidden Barn Venue in Apopka on March 12. SGA organizers ensured safety protocols for juniors and seniors and requested students quarantine during spring break, thus the reason for the early prom date. 

The student body and teachers put a lot of thought into choosing location, theme, and quality music for the night. Prior to the evening, Bortz shared some of the details of the prom. 

The Hidden Barn Venue “has a polished floor and beautiful interior with fairy lights, and there is a bar area along with the DJ booth. We are planning to have a mocktail bar and we are going to have other appetizers and food instead of a full sit-down meal due to Covid,” said Ms. Bortz. “I’m very excited for them.”

Senior Karolina Sandecka expressed her excitement for prom. 

“I never attended a dance that is such a big deal so it’s the very first time for me. I am very excited to buy a dress with my friends and enjoy the moment before the school ends. For me it’s also about experiencing the American tradition that goes on every year,” said Sandecka. 

Following the last dance, the prom king and queen were announced. This year’s prom queen was senior Kate Dawson and this year’s prom king was senior Eric Torres.

When asked how he felt about being prom king, Torres said, “It was a huge honor to have been selected by my classmates, and I was really excited when I heard my name called at prom.” He also stated, “I’m really happy that it ended up happening, and it went extremely well. The venue was amazing, and it was a great time. I would like to thank LMP for 9 great years.”

“I was really excited about prom and happy that LMP was able to put on the event amid the pandemic. I think prom was a great way to end our senior year and give all of us unforgettable memories that we will keep forever,” said Dawson.

Thankfully for the seniors, prom was not canceled for this year; however, homecoming was delayed with no dance taking place. Bortz did coordinate a homecoming court for underclassmen by sending a virtual announcement to each grade level’s advisory with a link for them to vote. The winners of each grade level were announced on Thursday, March. 11. The winners were as follows:

Freshmen court: Sarah Delvy and Duncan Brett.

Sophomore court: Khushi Mehta and Steven Dimtrakakis.

Junior court: Brianna Letterio and Luke Panzo.

“Personally, I didn’t mind not having a homecoming dance this year. It was the safest option for everyone. I’d rather there not be a dance than the chance of someone catching COVID-19,” said Letterio. 

“I am okay with not having a dance just to be more safe,… but that would have been a lot of fun,” said Delvy.

Dimtrakakis felt differently. He said, “It is slightly irritating that the homecoming dance did not happen this year. I understand it was for a logical reason though.”  

When asked how they felt about getting nominated and winning, Brett said, “I feel like it’s kind of strange. I am honestly confused on how I got voted for, but I’m nervous as well in addition to that.” Mehta said, “I honestly didn’t expect to be voted on homecoming court. Therefore, I am really honored but at the same time a little nervous.” 

Since there was no dance this year many of the winners are planning to get their pictures taken outside of school. Junior court, Letterio and Panzo, had their pictures taken together shortly after the announcement they won homecoming court. Letterio had also previously stated her excitement to be on court since it was her first year being nominated.