Students Share Scoop on School


Freshman Sasha Tesmer and Junior Alex Vihlen

Rhea Thakkar, Staff Writer

The end of the year is fast approaching! People can experience the same thing very differently. So, how does someone from each grade level in high school experience high school? This reporter caught up with freshman Sasha Tesmer, sophomore Hayden Daoust, junior Alex Vihlen, and senior Jules Sadowski. When asked about their high school experience so far, their answers varied, to say the least. 

Describe your high school experience in three words. 

Tesmer: “One step closer.” 

Daoust: “Challenging, fun, special.”

Vihlen: “Inspiring, exciting, unforgettable.”

Sadowski: “Arduous, enlightening, zesty.”

What has been the best part of high school so far?

Tesmer: “I’d say the best part has been being able to see my peers despite the circumstances. Our school has stayed relatively safe throughout the pandemic and has allowed me to feel comfortable to return back in person.”

Daoust: “Meeting new people and making new friends. LMP attracts a wide variety of people who are interesting to meet and talk with.”

Vihlen: “Getting to know different people with various interests and skillsets has been a really fascinating experience. Especially in a classroom setting, the people around me have definitely been a great part of the overall experience.”

Sadowski: “I’m not sure anything could quite compare to the memories made and friendships formed on our international trips; although being able to take Mr. Niven’s APUSH class is a close second, as I had been looking forward to that since 8th grade!”

What has been the worst part so far?

Tesmer: “The worst part has probably been the unprecedented quarantines. I believe it’s important to quarantine because it keeps us all safe, but I do wish people were more careful in public so conditions return back to normal. However, we have been pretty adaptable which has given me a better experience.”

Daoust: “The classes can be very difficult at times, which can take us away from our social lives and other activities.”

Vihlen: “Time management is always an issue. Especially with multiple AP classes and extracurriculars, it can be difficult to make time for things outside of school. Regardless, it’s important to take time away for yourself!”

Sadowski: “It’s a solid tie between 1) my inability to manage my time and the overwhelming stress and consequences I encountered as a result and 2) losing friends as a result of school transfers and graduations. Both definitely get in the way of the perfect high school experience, but you live and you learn.”

And finally, what advice would you give to future or current high schoolers?

Tesmer: “Don’t be stressed out academically; there will always be time for you to communicate with your friends and finish your work as long as you manage your time. Take the time to relax and don’t overload yourself.”

Daoust: “Doing all the work, especially homework, helps to understand and fully develop the ideas you will learn in class. I know it can be hard especially because it’s no longer worth a grade but it is truly helpful.”

Vihlen: “Don’t stress yourself out! The people who tend to do well in high-level classes are those who no matter what the situation keep calm and focused. Mostly, just enjoy it while it lasts. The more fun you have the better your overall experience will be.”

Sadowski: “Keep looking ahead! Just keep your head up and keep moving forward. To quote Dr. Clarke during any of my mid-AP Bio breakdowns: how do you eat a killer whale? One bite at a time. Funny, I know, but it’s the truth and it’s stuck with me.”