Graduation Is a Go


Seniors will walk away May 15 with graduation complete.

Kaylyn Phung, Staff Writer, Advertising, Photographer

Lake Mary Prep will host the annual ceremony for the graduating class on May 15, 2021. The ceremony is expected to be held on campus with teachers, seniors and immediate family members attending. Amid coronavirus, the school is working to accommodate all seniors’ family members and making sure that social distancing is practiced. 

The ceremony is in person beginning at 6 p.m. Like other events this year, it will be live-streamed with the school band playing. LMP ‘s faculty are trying their best to make the graduation ceremony one to remember in this tough year. Fine arts department head, Ms. Traci Reitz, is one of the graduation planners.

“It is my first time as lead senior advisor, and although it is a challenge with the pandemic, I pride myself on being a creative thinker. I’m really excited to see the seniors graduating and I hope it will be one of the best,” said Reitz.

Senior Shea Flathman is looking forward to graduating in May but also worries about her family’s attendance on that day.

“I’m excited to be able to have a graduation ceremony in light of everything going on and to celebrate the achievements of my classmates. However, I am sad because I have a large family and I know that not all of them will be able to attend,” said Flathman.

Reitz is also working on some other special events for seniors along with the graduation. 

“I am looking forward to starting some new traditions at LMP such as Senior Sunrise and Walkout. It is going to be a surprise and a very fun experience,” said Reitz.

Senior Celine Hang expressed her feelings as the graduation approaches.

“I’m very thankful that LMP has put the graduation ceremony together for us. I am also a bit nervous since my life is going to change to a new chapter after it,” said Hang. 

More details about the graduation will be updated as soon as it is available. Please be on the lookout for any further changes or information.