Meet New French Student on Campus: Oscar Delannois


Oscar Delannois: one of Lake Mary Prep’s newest international students.

Rachel Dearing, Staff Writer

Oscar Delannois, the new international student on Lake Mary Prep’s campus, is from Alpes Sallanches, France. Oscar came to LMP right after Christmas break, kicking the new year off in the United States. He is a sophomore at LMP who speaks French, English, and a little bit of Spanish. He also ran in France and joined LMP’s track team when he moved here.

How is your school schedule at LMP different from your school schedule in France? 

LMP students follow a block schedule divided between even periods on one day and odd periods on another. However, in France, Delannois said, “We have one schedule for one week, but each day is different. I start school at 8 in the morning and end at 5 in the afternoon. I would take biology, physics/chemistry, technology, Spanish, English, history/geography, economy/sociology, mathematics, sports, art, and study hall. I don’t have those classes every day. I have at most eight classes a day, but sometimes I have those certain classes multiple times a day. Therefore, I’m not taking every class every day.” 

What is your favorite thing about America/ How would you describe Americans? 

“I love your mentality, how you think, and that you’re chill. I really like the classes they offer at LMP, and I also really like the schedule. In France I think the schedule is way too much. You start at eight and go until five with a ton of homework after. However, I don’t think American schools are strict enough. In France, when the teacher comes into the class you have to stand up until they say you may sit down. If you need to throw something away you have to ask before getting up. Kids at American schools don’t have to ask and I was like ‘wow.’ Some kids are even allowed to eat in class. In France if you do that you’re dead,” said Delannois. “America, in general, is really cool. However, your food doesn’t top French food. Florida is really cool as well; it’s always hot, and people are really nice.”  

What is something you do in France that we don’t do in America? 

“In France, we have free healthcare. If you go to the doctor it’s free. Every month everyone pays a certain amount. When you go to the doctor you simply show them your card. It’s really really helpful. In America, going to the doctor is really expensive. Another thing we do is when you greet someone you kiss them on both cheeks. If you meet up with your friend, the first thing you do is kiss them on both cheeks. In America no one does this, and it was extremely shocking to me. I also noticed Americans have a lot of ice cubes in their drinks. It’s something small, but I did notice it when I came to America. In France, we don’t have a whole lot of ice cubes in our drinks,” said Delannois.

Oscar’s tentative plans are to return to his home country, but to hopefully travel to the US as he can. Though his time at LMP has been short, we were happy to have him join us this year.