E-learning Costs Students

Carolina Roveda, Staff Writer

It’s been over a year since the pandemic entered our lives, and right away children, teens, and adults have had to find solutions to keep life going despite Covid-19. Thankfully, advanced technology has allowed us to stay in touch with people, using Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Facetime, and so on. 

The first problem the world was faced with was teaching and working. Schools implemented the e-learning system, while adults implemented smart working. At first, it all seemed almost fun, different, peculiar, and beautiful. As time went on, however, we began to realize that the situation was particularly bad.

After months of online school, we realized that there are more problems with it than expected.

First of all, it has to be said that during online school, there are many more distractions around you than being face-to-face. And this is true for workers as well. It’s boring because we don’t have anyone around us; it’s monotonous because we’re always looking at the same computer. 

If someone has a hard time paying attention and following along while face to face, it is harder when the classes are online. You need motivation and desire for study to be constant and to be productive. For many young people, that is difficult.

Also, looking at a screen for so many hours a day can’t be good for our mental and physical health.

Human relationships are not there. We can’t exchange glances or smiles or have in-person interaction between teachers and students or workers and their companions. We can’t talk to our friends or compare ourselves with them during classes. We are always alone in our room in front of something that is not alive but is a simple object.

Moreover, in the classroom teachers have many more tools and many more resources to be able to explain their subjects better and to make students understand better what they are explaining. 

Regarding tests, it is very common for some kids to copy or cheat. If all kids were face to face, this would minimize. Cheating means that you don’t know the content for the test, and that means the student hasn’t learned and isn’t learning

Online classes have helped the whole world not to stop, to try to live a normal life despite the pandemic making it abnormal. However, the negative aspects that online classes bring make them not effective and not like learning face to face–at all.