Finale Field Day: Friday, May 28


SGA meets to plan for field day.

Zainab Abdi, Staff Writer

As we approach the end of the school year, it seems time has flown by for many students at Lake Mary Prep. As this eventful school year comes to a bittersweet end, the Student Government Association, or SGA, has decided to bring a change. In contrast to last year’s events and the years before, a field day will be held on the last day of school, May 28. Planning for the event has already begun with SGA’s members having students fill out polls on the activities that will be held.

Junior Mia Mantovani said, “We started planning for this field day the second week of school. We are still planning it, right now we are working on t-shirts. So far we have a 110 foot inflatable obstacle course that’s going to be there; we do have a surprise at the end for everyone along. We’re also going to have games like, kiddie pool kickball and capture the chicken.”

Unlike in 2019, LMP’s field day will be separate for both Lower School and Upper School. Each grade will team up and compete against other grades. SGA has come up with creative game ideas for both the Upper and Lower School students. However, games and activities will be different as students will vote and decide on which they participate in. 

Eighth-grader Leo McCauley said, “Unfortunately, it is my last year at the school. It’s a good way to kind of top off the year. I’d rather not be in social studies class for my last day of school; I’d rather be playing a game of capture the flag.” 

In addition to all this, snacks and inflatables will be provided. This year’s theme will be centralized around summer. Meaning, summer decor, summer-themed food, and a summer prize will be present. The grade with the highest amount of participants wins a prize, so make sure your grade is involved.

“I think students definitely should come, and it will definitely cater to everyone, even if they don’t necessarily like sports,” said Mantavoni. 

Although this year has been unlike anything anyone could’ve seen coming, we’ve gotten through it together and summer is just around the corner. This field day is a fantastic opportunity and an eventful way to end this school year. The event will last from 8:30 a.m.-11:45 a.m. That being said, make sure to stop by on May 28!