Meet LMP’s Vietnamese Senior: Celine Cataholic

Celine Cataholic is a senior international student at Lake Mary Prep.

Celine Cataholic is a senior international student at Lake Mary Prep.

Rachel Dearing, Staff Writer

Celine Cataholic from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is an international student at Lake Mary Prep. She played on the varsity tennis team for two years and participated in the varsity bowling team for one year. She is a senior at LMP and will be attending college in the USA. Currently, she is undecided which college she wants to attend. She is considering the University of South Florida, Northwestern University, and Ohio State University. 

What Was Your Favorite Memory at LMP? 

“My favorite memory at LMP was the Lake Scary 5k. I was involved in taking the pictures, not the running. It’s memorable for me because it was my first time doing something for this school. It mattered to me that it was an event that donates money to cerebral palsy. ”

Lake Scary is an annual 5k run hosted at LMP on Oct.31. The 5k donates money to UCP (United Cerebral Palsy Disability Chanel.) Cataholic and many other dorm students attended this year’s Lake Scary 5k to help raise more money for the organization. LMP was able to raise approximately $10,000 for the organization. 

What Is Your Favorite American and/or Vietnamese Holiday to Celebrate? 

“Lunar New Year is my favorite Vietnamese holiday. It’s a time when the families gather together and have fun. It’s a big event in China as well as Vietnam. We eat traditional food including pork, rice, eggs, and rice cakes. We normally just spend time with our families. My favorite American holiday is Christmas. In Vietnam, we don’t really celebrate Christmas, and here it’s like New Year in Vietnam. The way Americans celebrate Christmas is interesting and cool to me with all of the lights and decorations. Everything looks so fancy and pretty around this time.”

When You First Came to America What Was the Biggest Difference You Noticed? 

“I was kind of overwhelmed by the price of everything: food, clothing, and basic human necessities. It is way more expensive than it is over in Vietnam.”

If one was to travel to Vietnam it would only cost them around $287 per person for a week. However, it would cost them around $1,570 per person for a week for someone to travel to the US.

“It’s extremely expensive,” said Cataholic. She also stated that “America, in general, is boring compared to Vietnam. There isn’t really anything to do. I’m stuck in Lake Mary, and it gets boring after a while because I have already done everything. I prefer being back home.” 

As graduation closes in we wish Cataholic the best of luck in college wherever she decides to go. LMP will deeply miss her but will be thrilled to see her future successes.