Hello, Summer


Students are planning to spend time with friends, go swimming, and take a break from school this summer.

Rachel Dearing, Staff Writer

What time is it? Summertime! As the 2020-21 school year comes to an end, students have said their farewells to the seniors and started planning for their summer breaks. Many international students have already traveled back to their home countries to spend the summer with their families. Due to COVID-19 other students are planning a safer, but enjoyable summer.

Sophomore Feli Borkowski, a German international student at LMP, said, “I’ll return to Germany this summer. However, I am not completely sure because of COVID-19. I might visit South Africa with my family and if we don’t, we’ll visit Alassio, which is a little city in Italy. We go there every year over the summer.” 

Another international student, freshman Nicolas Muro, moved to Florida from Mexico City in late January. He plans to travel this summer.

“I’ll probably travel outside the US as well as return home to Mexico City. I’m hoping to stay in Florida a little bit longer because I just arrived here, but I really want to see my old friends again. I’m also probably getting vaccinated this summer which helps,” said Muro. 

Hopefully for many students, this summer will be more interesting and exciting than 2020’s quarantined summer with more fun things for students to go enjoy.

“I hope that I can meet up with my friends in Germany and do some fun stuff like swimming. Alassio is always the best because I get to spend time with my family at the beach,” said Borkowski. 

The Griffin Gazette staff members would like to wish everyone a happy summer, and we will see you next school year!