Lake Mary Prep Eliminates Online School


Zoom classes will disappear as the daily norm for the 2021-22 school year.

Kaylyn Phung, Advertising, Staff Writer, Photographer

Coronavirus has had a major impact on the schooling experience of students all around the world, and LMP is no exception. As a part of the reopening plan next year, Lake Mary Prep is planning to eliminate the online system in an effort to better assist students and help boost their performances both academically and physically.

The school will only offer face-to-face teaching, and there will be no acceptance of international students who are not physically at school. However, Zoom schooling would still be utilized in special circumstances, such as if the need arises for school-wide closures or quarantines.

Earlier the year, LMP started out with a lot of online learners, including those who are outside of the US, but most made their way back physically in the second semester. With these changes for the coming school year, LMP expects to see more students at school facilities and events. Amy Petrousky, Middle School Principal, shared her thoughts on the major change for next school year. 

“Student engagement and achievement is higher through face-to-face learning. At LMP, our goal is to facilitate quality teaching and learning in a safe environment, and we are optimistic that we can accomplish this next year when students return to campus,” said Petrousky. 

Among the international students, junior Ally Kim did her first semester online back home in Korea. Kim was not a fan of the online school.

“I think online school is not effective since I always get distracted while learning on my computer. I experienced internet issues and the time difference between my home country and Florida, which made online school much harder than I expected,” said Kim. 

Although the abolishing of the online system has received mixed responses, it is one of the actions the school is taking to normalize students’ lives to help bring back more on-campus activities, increase student achievement, and build community like previous years.