LMP Gains New Dean of Students


Mr. DeBakey is LMP’s new dean of students.

Aanika Valbh, Editor-in-Chief

After more than 10 years, Lake Mary Prep welcomes a new dean of students, Mr. John DeBakey. Formerly, DeBakey has taught middle school social studies and high school world and US history. In high school, his favorite subject was also history. In order to get to know him, the Gazette asked him a few questions:

You’ve been a middle school teacher, a high school teacher, an assistant coach, and now a dean. What was your favorite job out of all of the ones you’ve had thus far?:
“I enjoyed teaching high school the most. I love interacting with kids and getting to know them. Teaching middle school was fun, but I feel like I had to work harder to keep them all engaged and focused on history. With high schoolers, I definitely had better conversations and didn’t have to work as hard to keep them involved.”

What do you miss most about living in Texas?:
“After 13 years in Texas, I would definitely say that I miss friends the most. I have family there too, but leaving my friends was the hardest part. I don’t regret moving to Florida though. It was time for a change.”

What is your favorite part of being at LMP so far?:
“I really enjoy working at LMP. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming; I feel a lot more connected to the students here.”

DeBakey was born and raised in Maryland, just outside of DC. He went to school at McDaniel College as a political science major and also received his master’s in secondary education there. After his stint in Texas, he moved to Florida last year.

DeBakey enjoys playing golf, fishing, reading, cooking, and listening to music. His favorite food is cheeseburgers, and he loves to go to the beach when he can on weekends. He and his wife have been married for 9 years, have two kids in college (18 and 20), and have a 7-year-old son. We are glad to have Mr. DeBakey at LMP and are excited to get to know him more.