LMP Makes New Schedule


Brianna Letterio checks out the new class schedule.

Iona Brooks, Staff Writer

Each school year brings with it an abundance of changes and experiences, and LMP is no different. The class schedule has undergone yet another revision, this time shifting from alternating block days to a set pattern.

Math department chair Mr. Brent Herold aided administration in coming up with the new plan.

“We wanted more equity between classes, so now we are able to remove Wednesday on short weeks and have a more consistent system to let everyone keep track of what days they have certain classes. Teachers also wanted advisory moved so that every student was able to attend,” said Herold. 

The schedule has brought with it some controversies, including the new hour-long lunches on Mondays and Fridays. These lunches have been criticized for their length with students questioning why that time could not be put towards an early release or additional class time.

“I do enjoy the break, but if I had the choice I would rather have shorter lunches and go home a little earlier,” said Sophomore Sophia Panzo.

Another big change was moving advisory from directly after lunch to right after the first class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This means that upper school lunch now starts at 1:10 p.m. on those days and lasts for only thirty-five minutes. 

“It makes the day feel a lot longer, but I’m glad more people such as the golfers are able to attend [advisory] now,” said Senior Mia Mantovani.

Although the new schedule has received mixed responses, it maximizes instructional time and attempts to provide a balance between free time and class with the hopes of bringing LMP’s school community back to a sense of normalcy and consistency.

“Teachers didn’t like unequal weeks, and we wanted to make sure they saw each student for the same amount of time,” said Herold.