LMP Thespians: an Inside Look


The Florida Thespians logo is recognized by theatre students.

Challis Payne, Staff Writer

Act well your part; there all the honor lies.” This is the motto of the International Thespian Society, a division of the Educational Theatre Association. It functions not only as a National Honor Society, but a social and service club for aspiring high school and middle school theatre students. 

Thespians is a competition outlet where those involved can compete with other students in local and state arenas in both performance events and technical theatre events. On the first day of competition, troupes focus on performing an entire play and the second day hones in on the talents and skills of students in terms of individual events. In those events, students earn many awards like a top honors where troupe members win out of the entire district festival. 

Katie Corrie is the director of the theater department and the sponsor for the thespian troupe; she stated that she has been doing thespians for two years but has over 30 years of acting experience.

“It’s incredibly important to me that thespians build on the strength and talent of its students so we can become a force to be reckoned with in both district and state,” said Corrie.

LMP’s Thespians currently have 40 members within its combined troupe. Their overall goal is that they have the opportunity to work, improve, and be seen by professionals around Florida in order to perfect their craft. Lauren Carlson is a senior at LMP as well as the thespian troupe’s company manager and president. She is in charge of communication between members and Corrie and is the representative for the troupe and school at events.

“You get to see the fruits of your labor through production or results in state, and you get to be as involved as you want to be thanks to its flexibility,” said Carlson.

She stated that there are benefits to joining because of all the connections, and it is appealing to colleges because it shows involvement within the school and skills like public speaking of members. When going to districts and states, each person can bring up to three events plus the one-act. This helps thespians build self-awareness and confidence as well as the ability to collaborate with many other students. For students not interested in acting specifically there are many other events like makeup design, tech, or even costume design.

Rhea Thakkar is a current member of thespians. She joined two years ago and has held the job of a secretary of the high school drama troupe.

“I ended up loving it, so I stuck to it,” said Thakkar.

That job entails her to take notes, help out during shows, and act as the stage manager for productions including those taken to districts. Thakkar believes thespians are pure artistry and creativity, a place where members can be completely expressive. She feels it is important to encourage others to join due to how there is a place for everybody. Personally, she believes that it has helped her to be more in touch with her creative side.

Thespians is an interactive, accepting group where all students can come to learn about themselves and build upon their individual qualities. Their dedication and passion toward thespians can be shown through LMP’s production of “Peter and the Starcatcher.”

Look for this premiere at LMP on December 16.