Schools Serves Students as New Headmaster


Mr. Stephen Schools is LMP’s new headmaster.

Iona Brooks, Staff Writer

As Lake Mary Prep looks toward the future, Mr. Stephen Schools is at the helm as our new headmaster. Schools has worked as an educator for the last 26 years in roles varying from middle school math classes to headmaster. He attended the University of North Carolina where he majored in mathematics with a minor in education. The Gazette was able to learn a little bit more about Schools.

Do you have any interesting hobbies or activities you like outside of work?

“I mostly just enjoy spending time with my family, especially around the Orlando area; there’s a lot to do there. We have a lot of game nights, and we’ve been playing a lot of Phase 10. That’s probably my favorite at the moment.” Schools also enjoys watching live baseball and is a fan of the Baltimore Orioles. “Occasionally, I have the opportunity to watch TV. My favorite TV show of all time is ‘Seinfeld,’ but I’m really enjoying ‘Ted Lasso’ at the moment.”

What brought you to LMP? 

“My family moved to Central Florida around a year ago, and LMP stood out to me as I started looking for jobs in independent schools. So I applied for the position, and here I am.” Schools has lived in a variety of other cities, but his favorite was Baltimore due to its uniqueness and distinct seasonal changes.

What is your vision for LMP in the future? 

“I want to make sure we implement the current three year strategic plan and specifically [continue on] the path of student-centered learning and less traditional learning models. I’ve heard a lot about the LMP family, and I want to make sure that our school culture is that we all support and care for each other and have strong school spirit.” 

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, he recently moved to Central Florida last year with his wife, two children, and six-pound chihuahua, Minnie. Over the course of this year, Mr. Schools hopes to continue to familiarize himself with LMP faculty, students, and culture. We are glad to have him with us, and look forward to see his ideas implemented for LMP.