TikTok Challenge Hits LMP


Student gets soap from soap dispenser.

Aanika Valbh, Editor-in-Chief

For the past three weeks, high schools have seen a rise in vandalism and theft across the United States to compete in a challenge called “Devious Licks.” This TikTok challenge includes stealing or vandalizing items from high schools to see which students can pull off a more daring “Devious Lick.” The vandalism includes stealing toilet seats, soap dispensers, and even bathroom stall doors.

Various schools in Seminole and Polk counties have heard about these trends and have taken measures to prevent them including punishing their students through expulsions and fines. Lake Mary Prep has recently seen an example of this type of activity in the Upper School with the theft of soap in the middle school boys’ bathroom on Sept. 14.

Senior Alex Vihlen is surprised that this type of activity would occur at a private school since students here generally seem to be more respectful of the school’s property.

“It seems completely immature and irresponsible. I’m not super familiar with the TikTok challenge, but I don’t believe anything that would cause property damage is a joke or should be taken as a joke,” said Vihlen. 

While it seems a majority of students are speculating who the thief is, administrators are still on the hunt to find the culprit.

Dean John DeBakey said, “We’ve alerted security and maintenance. We’re more on high alert than anything and would ask that students alert us of things that are happening or have already happened just to be a bit more vigilant.”

DeBakey was also very clear that the punishment for any future thefts or vandalisms would have severe consequences.

“[Punishment] depends on the severity and the damage done. I’m sure it would entail some sort of suspension and reimbursing the school for any maintenance issues.”