Dot Day Descends on LMP


Lower school students annually celebrate dot day.

Kaylyn Phung, Staff Writer

On Sept. 15, Lake Mary Prep hosted a dress-down day for the entire school with the theme of polka dots. This is dedicated to the International Dot Day, where students can wear clothing with dot patterns. In advisory, upper school students watched a video of Peter H. Reynolds, author of “The Dot.” Students then created unique artwork on a paper plate with respect to polka-dots. Middle and lower school students celebrated by flaunting attractive and creative looking outfits.

Ms. Amanda Bumgarner, who was in charge of the event, shared some of her goals for the celebration. With the help of SGA, Bumgarner combined all of the plates together, forming an artistically appealing project. 

“This year, we have the opportunity to bring International Dot Day as an event for the entire school since the meaning behind it is amazing. We also worked with advisors to make sure that students are educated about the origin of the day. And I think that would be a challenge for me to integrate more press in these advisory sessions,” said Bumgarner. 

Senior Julianna Walker described her experience with the celebration of Dot Day at LMP. Besides educational purposes, it’s also an opportunity for her to fully express school spirit. 

“We went through the history of the day in my art class, and of course, I was wearing a polka-dot dress which I never do. I love the dress down day and I hope to see more people involved in such events,” said Walker. 

International Dot Day kicked off the series of dress down days at LMP. Students and staff are looking forward to more school spirit activities in this school year.