New Classical Gaming Club Gains Attention


All you need to know about the gaming club!

Rachel Dearing, Staff Writer

Griffins are excited to put a new twist to family game night–the LMP family that is. The Classical Gaming Club will help students learn more about classical board games such as chess, poker, blackjack, backgammon, and more. Co-presidents Dominick Fiorentino and Steven Dimitrakakis will help new club members further develop their skills.

Currently, the club is simply for fun and is a way for students to get to know each other. Future plans include competing against other schools in tournaments. Both co-presidents and vice president, Jackson LaMarre, will teach new attendees how to play the games first so they know the rules. Instead of playing online games, this club focuses on more classical games. That way members can interact more one-on-one with each other instead of staring behind a screen. 

“After watching videos and seeing posters during the Advisory for the club fair, I realized there was no club that was purely for fun which I believed was not right. Therefore, some of my friends decided to join me in making a club for fun, without entrance fees, community service, and a lot of work. My friends and I also play a lot of poker during lunch already so we might as well keep it up,” said Fiorentino when asked why he and Dimitrakakis started the club. They meet every Monday and Friday during lunch in room 18B. They can also be caught playing poker in the café on days they do not have mandatory meetings. 

If anyone would like to join the club or have any questions, students may contact either Nick Fiorentino at [email protected] or Steven Dimitrakakis at [email protected]. The lead advisor of the gaming club is Mr. Niven, who is available as well at [email protected]. Another way students can sign up is by filling out a form on Remind called The Classical Gaming Group. Students can recommend games for the club to play as long as they are classical games. Please remember, previous knowledge about these games are not required. The club members are happy to teach students the ropes!