Meet LMP’s International Italian Student: Carlotta Bravii


Senior Carlotta Bravii plans to major in business.

Rachel Dearing, Staff Writer

Carlotta Bravii is an international student from Rome, Italy. This is her first year at Lake Mary Prep and also her first year in America. She joined LMP’s Volleyball team when she arrived here and is looking forward to continuing to play tennis here as well. She played tennis in Italy for ten years and is excited to start here. She is a senior planning to graduate at LMP, but she will return to Italy to finish school. In Italy they have 5 years of high school instead of 4 like America. She will then return to America for college and hopefully continue her parent’s business. 

What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do In Rome?

“My favorite thing to do in Rome is hang out with my friends, and go to museums. That’s everything you can do in Rome actually,” said Bravii. Bonding with friends and family is very important in many cultures. It builds a network of close friends that help strengthen character.

What Is Most Important In Italian Culture?

“The biggest difference between American culture and Italian culture is the food. We especially like pasta and we have different sauces. However, [Americans] just have the Alfredo sauce, and they put it everywhere. It’s kind of scary. Americans also have a lot of fast food and meat. The most important thing in Italian culture besides family is the food,” stated Bravii.  

What Holidays Do You Celebrate In Italy? 

“The same holidays [Americans] celebrate. However, we celebrate the Saints Day which is the day after Halloween. For [students] that is a free day. It’s crazy, to me, that Americans don’t celebrate it. We celebrate Saints Day with our parents and family. We do whatever we would do on a regular day, but we do it together. We don’t have special events.” 

What Classes Do You Take In Italian Schools?

“We don’t have electives. At the end of middle school we decide what we want to focus on. There are many options such as: languages, classical studies, math, science, biology. We would study ancient Greek and Ancient Latin in classical studies. We have 15 subjects. We have to take all of those 15 subjects. Not every subject has the same amount of hours. For example, we could have six hours of English and 3 hours of math in one week,” stated Bravii.

 How is School Different in America?

“People are really loud in American schools. I don’t know why they all speak during class. That is something we would never do in Italy. You would get kicked out of class immediately. You guys also have more discussions. We just have like lessons, the teacher says everything, and we annotate. A teacher could speak for three hours straight. Americans are also closer to the teachers. They joke together. It’s almost like ‘why would you joke with your teacher?’ The teacher is an authority figure. We cannot have that kind of friendly interaction with our teachers, and here it is normal,” stated Bravii.