New Lunch Program Has Drawbacks


Additional items are available for students to purchase along with pre-ordered food.

Aanika Valbh, Editor-in-Chief

For four years, Lake Mary Prep has used FLIK dining services for hot lunch at school and for the international students in the dormitories. However this year, LMP switched to a new dining meal program. This new meal program consists of catering in food from various restaurants in the Lake Mary area, such as Chick-fil-A, Flippers Pizzeria, and more. Each couple months, new restaurants are chosen to replace the older ones, with each day of the week having a different meal from a different restaurant. This new dining plan is run by Mrs. Carmen Mannino, who also manages the school store and the cafeteria at the same time. 

“I only do middle and high school lunch, but it’s time consuming,” said Mannino.

As a result, the school store has more limited hours this year. Mannino also explained that this new dining plan was decided last year by the previous headmaster along with Mrs. Amy Petrousky and Mrs. Lynna Varitek, the Middle and Lower school principals respectively. 

While Mannino works diligently to make the students happy, some have mixed responses about the dining program itself. Senior Leilani Barnes feels that the options are good but the cost is unfair to students. 

“I think the new lunch program is expensive. I just don’t agree with it,” said Barnes. 

Petrousky made clear that decisions made last year were intended to provide lunches that everyone would enjoy.

“FLIK wasn’t very popular with the students, so we did think that students would enjoy having meals provided from local restaurants that are more familiar,” said Petrousky. 

Petrousky explained that since not many students were buying from FLIK, a lot of food would be wasted at the end of the day. With this program change it ensures no resources are wasted thereby focusing monies toward things that would have the greatest impact on students such as teachers, books, and more for the classrooms.