Respect Is Key with Differing Opinions


Students should be able to share opinions without receiving backlash.

Rachel Dearing, Staff Writer

Politics itself has turned many people away from each other. Stereotypes enforce pre-existing opinions. Social media furthers the divide.

People are constantly arguing with each other, trying to prove themselves right, and their counterparts wrong. It’s helpful to have different opinions within society because it helps society grow. Every opinion has its own strengths and its own disadvantages. People should put their differences together to help create ideas that benefit everyone. Different opinions do not exist to cause strife and discord between people or societies. They exist to help each other learn. It gets one to think about what they could do better, how they could help more people, and how they can treat each other fairly. 

However, students across the world have a history of hostility towards people with opposite opinions. They sit in classes and instead of having healthy debates, they fight with each other. They even start fights in the middle of core classes as well. It is not right to argue with each other simply because you have a different opinion, it is not right to blatantly call someone out for their opinion, and it is definitely not right to physically harm someone because of their opinion. Everyone is entitled to have their own thoughts, ideas, and opinions. It does not matter whether you agree with them or not. That opinion is theirs and theirs only. Everyone has the right to express their own opinion. Just because one speaks what is on their mind does not necessarily mean they are trying to force their opinion on others–or at least it shouldn’t.

Respect is the only way for differing opinions to get along. If respect cannot be brought then we, the people, will continue to have discord across the country. Our political leaders are supposed to set an example within our country. However, they fight and argue just like students within classrooms. If our political leaders cannot get along well enough to make our country’s decisions, how do we expect students to have respect for their classmates’ opinions? Respect is the only way for different opinions to be able to co-exist. We have to come together in unity, even though we disagree with each other. Students should not be fighting within classrooms, politicians should not bicker about who is right and who is wrong, and civilians should not be degrading each other for their opinion.

Even if you disagree with someone’s opinion it does not give you the right to criticize them. Opinions should help to benefit people, to learn from others’ ideas, and to protect each other’s freedoms. When people cannot respect them, discord is brought into society, and people start tearing each other down. People also start to become biased when they refuse to listen to other people’s opinions and will not come to an understanding with them.

It’s important to have healthy debates and share our opinions and to not allow them to lead to fights in the middle of a class. We are the future, and we need to value each other’s opinions, thereby valuing people.