Senior Privileges


Senior Alex Vihlen paints his parking spot at the beginning of the year. This is one of the privileges seniors are given at LMP.

Ryan Hosler, Staff Writer

By the time senior year rolls around, high school students across the country can expect certain privileges over the rest of the student population. According to the LMP student handbook, senior privileges are earned based on the maturity level of students. Other factors, including senior academic performance, conduct, and attendance also determine whether or not privileges are warranted for the current class of seniors.

In the past, seniors were able to eat lunch off campus at will or have food delivered, have a senior prank day, and miss the rest of the day after senior prank day. Last year, the number of people allowed to attend Prom was limited. All of these privilege changes were due to the pandemic. Things that have returned include scheduled Senior lunch days and Grad Bash.

LMP is not the only school that has placed restrictions of privileges due to the pandemic. Seniors at Concord High School in New Hampshire, hosted a walkout to protest the loss of privileges in school for their class. In contrast, our seniors are not requesting the reinstatement of prior years’ privileges.

Some of the senior class believes proper measures are in place to keep all of us safe while also not bogging us down with strict protocols; many of the senior class believe all privileges should be reinstituted.

Ultimately, the allowance of all senior privileges will bring about a more unified and happy senior class.