Arts Festival Celebrates Student Work


Sarah Delvy’s artwork will be featured among the art students of LMP at the festival.

Iona Brooks, Staff Writer

LMP is proud to present the Winter Festival of the Arts to celebrate and acknowledge all the hard work our arts students have done this semester. The festival on Dec. 8 will include a showcase of student’s work in both the visual and performing arts, including work from art and drama classes. There will also be a performance by the LMP orchestra and band exhibiting their talent via a selection of musical pieces. Middle and Upper School Art teacher, Traci Reitz, has managed most of the organization of the event. 

“The planning process has been pretty intricate because you’re managing Pre-K through 12 music concerts and art on display for all three divisions and there are lots of little details. We really want to showcase all the amazing work our students do,” said Reitz. Last year because of COVID, students did not have the opportunity to have their work showcased.

The festival will also include the traditional Festival of Trees Silent Auction, where trees decorated by students will be available to bid on. Students in art classes across all three divisions of the school are hard at work putting together pieces to be displayed at the auction featuring pieces based around food, landscapes, and portraits.

AP art student Madison Marusiak said, “We are doing a series of landscapes inspired by Bob Ross which will be shown at the festival. I’m really excited to see our work on display and see what everyone else has been working on this semester.”

The Festival offers an opportunity for parents and students to see the hard work and talent of our arts department so far this year. The LMP community will be able to come together to celebrate both the holidays and our students. 

Reitz said, “I’m most excited about just seeing all the kids and their work and the progress that students can make; younger students get excited thinking ‘When I’m older I can be in band or when I get big enough I can decorate a tree.’ I think that’s kind of the vision of the OneLMP mission.”

The event promises to be an exciting display of LMP students’ creativity and all the hard work from the arts department this semester. Many students are highly anticipating this event, including senior Andrew Petrousky.

“I think it’s going to be a great showcase, and I’m very excited to see what everyone has to offer.”