AAPI Hosts International Week


Students made lanterns to be hung up in the Upper school lobby for Lunar New Year.

Aanika Valbh, Editor-in-Chief

The Asian American Pacific Islander Culture Club is excited to announce International week in the first week of February. This is the first time in Lake Mary Prep history that such a week is student-led, celebrating international cultures with themed days. The days include: Monday as badminton day where students will get to play against teachers and admin, Tuesday as a dress down day for Lunar New Year, Wednesday as international food day during lunch, Thursday as a fashion show hosted during advisory, and Friday as Sports Jersey Day.

AAPI will be coordinating with lead advisor, Mrs. Chao, and her Chinese classes to put on a spectacular Lunar New Year celebration and to ensure the rest of the week goes by smoothly. Chao is very excited to be able to help coordinate these events with the executives of AAPI. 

“I think [the co-presidents of AAPI] are doing a phenomenal job. AAPI is doing so much for the students. I have to try my best to help cover more,” said Chao.

Another important figure is AAPI’s Lunar New Year Committee Chairmen, Senior Alex Vihlen. He has helped Chao organize the Lunar New Year festivities since he was in the sixth grade. The only difference this year is that Lunar New Year will now be overseen by AAPI executives, but Vihlen believes this change will benefit the planning of this holiday.

“Before AAPI, Lunar New Year was kept strictly to the Chinese classes. When AAPI walked in, we were able to have quite a bit of help structurally just trying to make sure everything is planned and then also the help we were able to get for everything we do has been quite increased. [AAPI is] going to expand the reach that we have and probably the amount of activities we do since now we have the resources and capacity to be able to do more,” said Vihlen. 

AAPI thus far has hosted two holidays with great success, receiving praise from administrators and students alike. If you would like to participate in either the fashion show or host a table on international food day, please contact the co-presidents either Ryan Hosler at [email protected] or Aanika Valbh at [email protected].