AACC Brings Black History Month to LMP


AACC President Mia Mantovani and member Elizabeth Odife are excited to celebrate black history month with fun events.

Iona Brooks, Staff Writer

Since 1976, America has celebrated the accomplishments and history of African Americans each February with Black History month. Chosen because it includes the birthdates of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, February marks a time to celebrate African American history and recognize achievements which have historically often gone unrecognized despite their impact. The African American Culture Club (or AACC) is once again celebrating Black History month at LMP with a number of events and celebrations. Club President Mia Mantovani is happy about the increase in student involvement this year compared to previous years.

“The club is definitely growing in membership this year. For Black History month, we’re planning to have food trucks come for lunch and after school. We will also be having an overall more interactive Black History month showcase,” said Mantovani.

In past years, the club has done events such as an assembly highlighting key African American figures from throughout history, varying from athletes to writers and more, and celebrating their accomplishments while educating on Black History. This year’s events will include a soul food tasting, biweekly readings of quotes from prominent African  Americans, a dress-down week, and an assembly on February 25 honoring history and culture within the African American community. Club Advisor Lezlee Oliver spoke about the true meaning of the club’s efforts.

“The African American Culture club is about spreading knowledge, history, and culture amongst all our students. We are having a school wide assembly, we got approval to have all three divisions in the gym. So this will be the first time in two years that we are able to gather together which really helps bring that #OneLMP spirit.”

We are excited to celebrate Black History and are eagerly anticipating the future achievements and events that AACC have for us.