Girls Need Dress Code Flexibility


Girls wear leggings to stay warm and be comfortable during the colder months.

Aanika Valbh, Editor-in-Chief

Florida’s weather is constantly changing. One morning it might be 40 degrees outside with heavy rain, then in the same afternoon, it’s 80 degrees with sunny skies. Our weather’s unpredictability causes a lot of thought for girls when they get ready in the morning. What will be the warmest thing that I can wear that will not be too hot later in the day? For many girls this solution would be leggings. Plain black leggings with no noticeable patterns on them provide the best coverage for girls, while being easy to move around in and comfortable to sit in during long block days. However, many administrators and teachers are against this idea since wearing leggings is a violation of the school dress code policy. 

This year, Florida has hit record lows, with most days being in the forties. Many students would get sick if they were to wear either shorts or skirts in these freezing conditions. Yet, administrators are still against allowing girls to wear leggings during the winter, even though many girls do not own any other alternatives. Jeans are also prohibited to be worn in school unless it is a casual dress day. Many girls also do not own a pair of slacks or regular pants since most mainstream stores do not sell them for girls. Wearing leggings underneath skirts is also incredibly uncomfortable and unhygienic for girls to wear, due to the shorts already built into the skirts. Another catalyst would be the freezing temperatures inside the school, where there doesn’t seem to be any circulating heat, even during the winter. If the school isn’t providing any solutions during the cold season, then it’s left in the students hands to dress appropriately. 

Many parents are upset by the lack of flexibility for their daughters, preferring for them to stay warm and risk getting punished. Furthermore, many LMP boys are seen wearing a variety of clothes out of dress code without the school logo, but it seems the focus is on girls wearing simple leggings. This calls into question if there’s a gender disparity in dress code violations and how often they’re enforced. Since we are a private school, we have to understandably retain our prestige for when prospective families tour. However, allowing girls to wear unnoticeable and plain black leggings would surely be appropriate enough, especially knowing that many girls wear these leggings for PE or outside of school and therefore is not a novel concept. Girls come to school to learn in a safe environment and being uncomfortable hinders their learning. Administration needs to take into consideration the comfort level of their female students when revising the handbook for next year, so we can focus on growing our knowledge rather than on whether or not we are in dress code.