Spring Sports Season: Coach Lineup and Seniors’ Final Start


Ryan Hosler

Girls beach volleyball, girls lacrosse, track and boys weightlifting are a few of many sports offered during the spring.

Ryan Hosler, Staff Writer

This year, spring sports began in late January. At Lake Mary Preparatory School this season consists of track and field, baseball, tennis, archery, boys weightlifting, beach volleyball, and girls lacrosse. Seniors playing this spring enter their final season as graduation approaches.

Coach Renarte Allen, or Coach “Teddy,” returns this year for track and field. Senior Kristianne Perdue has been on this team for four years. Perdue said, “I love track, and this year everyone’s aim is to go all the way to state competition. We are working really hard to get there.” 

Baseball coaches are Coach Jon Krot, Coach Shane Letterio, Coach Justin Varitek, Coach Harrison Ray, and Coach Dane Artman. Senior Noah Hill joined the team in sixth grade and in eighth grade he got placed on varsity. “[I’m excited to be] suiting up for my senior year and hitting the field with these guys and gal one last time,” said Hill. Seniors on the team this year are Noah Hill, James Gorman, Brianna Letterio, Charlie Tate, and Alex Rottach.

The coach for JV and varsity tennis is Stefanie Majstorovic while the coach for JH is Wendy Peeples. Senior Luke Panzo has been on the team since sixth grade. “I’m most looking forward to having a great time on and off the court with my teammates. This year’s team is one of the best I’ve been on, and I think we have a good shot at competing with our competitors,” said Panzo. Seniors on the teams are Carlotta Bravi, Carolina Hubbard, Virginia Miti, Luke Panzo, and Felix Sidere. 

The coaches for archery are Shaun Skippers as head coach, Sydney Skippers as high school coach, and Sarah Wisherd as middle school coach. Senior Maliha Versi has been on the team since seventh grade and is eagerly anticipating the season, yet feels a sense of sadness as this is her last year. “We are hoping for a successful season and to win more competitions this year taking the team to states again,” said Versi. Seniors on this team are Maliha Versi and David Green.

The coach for boys weightlifting is Coach Zac Carter. Junior Hayden Daoust has been on the team for four years. “I’m looking forward to seeing the new talents that we have on the team and how they do in their first competitions. We are also hoping to make it past districts and head to regionals after almost 2 years of not being able to go due to COVID-19,” said Daoust. The seniors on the team this year are Jackson LaMarre and Giorgio Mazzotti.

The coach for girls beach volleyball is Coach Chantal Bodkin-Clark. Senior Matilde Neri joined the LMP family this semester as an international exchange student from Italy. She has played volleyball for 13 years and is thrilled to be a part of the team. “I am looking forward to playing beach volleyball because in Italy, sports is not a part of the school, I want to have fun and this will be a great experience for me,” said Neri. Seniors on the team this year are Kristianne Perdue, Carolina Hubbard, Matilde Neri, and Francesca Tellarini.

The coaches for girls lacrosse is Head Coach Marina Repp and assistant coaches Randie Johnson and Kevin Marshburn. Many players on the lacrosse team are new to the sport. Freshman Joleea Tesoriero has played on the LMP Lacrosse team for many years and also plays for a lacrosse club in Volusia. “[I am] excited for what this season has to offer, many of the girls are new and this will be a learning experience for us all. This will also help me further my skills in this sport,” said Tesoriero. Seniors on the team this year are Julianna Walker and Madison Marusiak.

Players, coaches, and parents alike are excited for this spring season regardless of the outcomes. Best of luck to anyone who is playing this season. Go Griffins!