Lower School Presents Alice in Wonderland


The main cast of Alice and Wonderland received their accolades at the end of the play.

Iona Brooks, Staff Writer

Since Sept. of 2021, fourth and fifth grade students were hard at work putting together a production of Alice in Wonderland. This classic children’s story was adapted into a 90-minute play, including intermission, and performed on Friday, Feb. 18. Students from lower and upper school worked hard throughout the year putting together sets, costumes, and tweaking technical elements of the production to ensure the show ran smoothly. Prior to the performance, drama teacher and director, Katie Corrie, commended the student’s hard work and what it took to put this production together.

“The first time we’ll have both grades on stage is the night before opening so that is the most challenging thing, we’ll only have them together for these two days. I’m really excited for the kids to have all of their costumes on and getting up on stage and to hear and see all of these pieces come together. There’ve been about 75 LMP students working on it so it’s exciting to see the whole thing come together,” said Corrie. 

The cast included 15 fourth graders and 5 fifth graders playing all the iconic characters from the Mad Hatter to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The elementary students worked hard to learn their lines, positions, and more. Fourth grade student Lucy Tate was one of two students playing the titular character, Alice. 

“I feel a bit overwhelmed, but we’re going to put on a really good show,” said Tate.

This show was a great opportunity for the LMP community to come out and support lower school and all the effort they have put into making this a fantastic show. All three divisions of the school worked together to put on this stellar production which truly embodied the OneLMP spirit.