Seniors Attend Breakfast Bash


Senior Virginia Miti was excited to celebrate her hard work with her friends at the senior breakfast.

Rachel Dearing, Staff Writer

The traditional senior breakfast was held on Feb. 25 this year. The class of 2022 was excited to join together and celebrate their senior year with a classic breakfast right before school. This tradition has been around for many years throughout high schools in the U.S. Normally, seniors would either meet at a restaurant before school or their school would order food and they would meet in the school’s cafeteria. However, due to COVID, the options have been limited. Last year, LMP had individual boxes for their seniors. They also had juniors make the seniors pancakes for senior kick off. 

This year, LMP ordered a buffet-style breakfast from Metro Diner. Seniors met in the cafeteria and enjoyed a wide variety of foods including scrambled eggs, meats, home fries, grits, gravy, fruit, yogurt, french toast, bagels, juice, coffee, and tea.

Senior Leilani Barnes said, “I enjoyed the senior breakfast and want to thank everyone that helped prepare it. It was nice to sit down and eat with my friends. I appreciate that we receive many perks as seniors because most seniors do not get the opportunity to have a senior breakfast especially with COVID. I’m also going to miss all of them when we finally graduate.” 

When asked what his favorite food was at the senior breakfast, Caleb Dearing said, “eggs… They contain protein which helps the gains.”

The senior class as a whole would like to thank anyone who helped prepare the senior breakfast. They are grateful they were allowed to have a senior breakfast and glad they were all able to get together. Lead senior advisor, Gina Bortz, said, “My overall goal was to make sure that our Seniors feel loved during their final year with us, and that they get some special perks! They’ve worked hard to get to this final year and they have earned some benefits.”