C’est La Vie: Junior Senior Prom


Alex Rottach and Arianne Spenneman were crowned this year’s prom king and queen.

Rachel Dearing

This year’s 2022 prom was inspired by a Mardi Gras project in the French classes. The prom committee designed a masquerade dance to continue the Mardi Gras spirit. They had a photobooth, an outside lounge area set up as a mock casino, food options to accommodate everyone, a dance floor (of course), a sitting room, and an upstairs loft for hanging out with friends. It was located at Gallery J, in Winter Springs: a perfect area for a masquerade, French–style prom.

Sasha Tesmer said, “We had a DJ and some other staff members there helping out at the photobooth, and coming around with snacks.”

Everyone was very excited for this year’s prom and the seniors were excited to celebrate their last prom. For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the upperclassman were allowed to attend prom mask-optional. 

This year’s prom king nominee’s: Ryan Hosler, Giorgio Mazzotti, Alex Rottach, and  Andrew Petrousky. 

This year’s prom queen nominee’s: Lauren Carlson, Emily Edgerly, Arianne Spennemann, and Aanika Valbh. 

Following the last dance, the prom king and queen were announced. Alex Rottach was crowned this year’s prom king. Rottach said, “I am thankful and blessed to be chosen as Prom King by my friends and classmates. It truly put the cherry on top of an already amazing senior year.”

Arianne Spennemann was also named this year’s prom queen. “It was an honor being voted as prom queen and thank you to everyone who chose me for it. I’m still shocked and very lucky to have worn the crown for my final year of high school,” said Spennemann. 

Both the juniors and seniors would like to thank the staff members, faculty members, and all the parents that we involved in the planning of this year’s 2022 prom. They would also like to give a special thanks to the prom committee, Stella Martini, Mashal Mardanzai, Rhea Thakkar, Sofia Mohring, Nicole Gorman, Abby Petrousky, Katie Amitrone, Sasha Tesmer, and Linh Phung, for their hard work in making prom extraordinary this year. The seniors would also like to thank their lead advisor, Gina Bortz, for making this event extra special.