Advice for Upcoming Seniors from the Class of 2022


Challis Payne, Staff Writer

Senior year is perhaps the most unique of all the high school years. There are numerous problems that arise and lessons to be learned, all of which can make it a stressful, overwhelming time as much as it is exciting. You are getting ready to take the first step into adulthood all while looking ahead to a future that is largely unknown, at least until you reach the end of your senior year. Senior year is a significant milestone in any young person’s life, and there’s a lot to learn, including things that current seniors may wish someone had informed them of at the start of the year. A helpful way to assist upcoming seniors is to give advice about what to expect and how to help make senior year a little bit easier. So, from the graduating class of 2022 to the rising senior class of Lake Mary Preparatory, some advice:

Senior Noah Hill said, “If I could give some advice to the rising seniors, I’d say be present with your fellow classmates. Enjoy every minute of everything you do because at the end of the day it’s the last time you’re gonna be doing it. Also, be proactive about your college stuff. It gets messy and stressful if you fall behind.”

Senior Julianna Walker said, “Don’t hesitate to do something new and don’t put off what could be done today. I missed a handful of experiences simply because I hesitated or procrastinated too much and I regret it. But also just have fun, it’s senior year so just find your balance between chill out and work and all should go by smoothly.”

Senior Arianne Spennemann said, “a piece of advice I would give them would be never to let the little things get the best of you because at the end of the day it’s just high school, your youth and life has barely started.”

Senior Alex Rottach said, “Get involved in everything but not too much, just what you love. Start off the year strong, because senioritis hits whether you like it or not and it hits hard. But more than anything, make these memories that’ll last a lifetime.”

Senior Alex Vihlen said, “You’ve worked really hard for the past few years, so make sure to take this valuable time and make the most of it! Don’t abandon responsibilities, but make sure to strike a balance because once it’s done, it’s done.”

Senior Caleb Dearing said, “I would say to always stay true to yourself. Don’t care what others think about you. Commit to your dreams and put in the hard work to achieve them.”

Senior Noah Johnson said, “When someone tells you that you need school. Look at them and tell them, I need to focus on what I want. If school is a requirement for my future then yes. But if what I want does not require school, don’t ruin your goals for it. That doesn’t mean don’t try and just fail, do your best if you choose to. But striving for what you genuinely want is more important. Everyone that makes it to the “top” of anything, is there because of hard work and passion.”

Senior Brianna Letterio said, “Your senior year is gonna fly by and you’ll be graduating in the blink of an eye. Live in the moment, and make the most of your last high school year!”

Senior Andrew Petrousky said, “I’d say just to make sure to stay on top of your classes. It’s easy to fall off but it’s totally worth it. Make sure to have a lot of fun though!”

Senior Gina Papa said, “Don’t procrastinate your work cause it all just adds up. And make the most of your time left here with your friends because it flies by very quickly. Lastly, don’t stress college admissions too much because it really will all work out in the end.”

Senior Madison Marusiak said, “Don’t stress too much, cherish the time you have left because it’ll go way faster than you’d ever imagine!”

Senior AJ Jaiswal said, “Looking for colleges is hard, get all the help you can get from the college counselor and avoid senioritis.”

Senior Mia Mantovani said, “Enjoy it as much as they can and try to get their college apps done as soon as possible so they don’t have to worry about it.”

Senior Elijah Lopez said, “Have fun and enjoy every second of senior year because it all goes by very, very fast.”

A huge congratulations to all of our graduating seniors, these last few weeks will be bittersweet so breathe it all in and soak in not just all of your achievements, but the realization of just how much you have grown. Perhaps even take the advice given above and apply it to your next journey into adulthood, wherever that may take you. To the next seniors, hopefully, each one of you can find solace in the advice above and reflect on it as your own senior year approaches. Enjoy, and the best of luck to you all from the class of 2022.