National Art Honors Society Starts at LMP


The induction ceremony for National Art Honors Society took place on April 26

Iona Brooks, Staff Writer

National Art Honors Society is a nation-wide organization dedicated to providing recognition and opportunities for students who show dedication, passion, and skill for the visual arts. Participation in NAHS provides invaluable opportunities for art-based community service, artistic growth, and preparation for future artistic endeavors. Traci Reitz has long been working on bringing a high school chapter of NAHS, and this year, her efforts have come to fruition. Reitz commented on the inaugural class of NAHS at LMP.

“We are having the induction ceremony on the 26th of April and have waived some requirements for Seniors since there were some initial difficulties with starting the club at LMP, making it a little later than we thought,” said Reitz.

Students advanced in a fine art class acted as the founding members, setting guidelines and regulations for the club, such as GPA requirements, and no serious disciplinary concerns such as suspensions. In future years, they hope to hold events such as art-based community service and opportunities for development of art skills. Senior Madison Marusiak attended the first meetings and played a role in planning the society’s rules.

“We worked on putting together requirements for the club and making guidelines for the future of NAHS,” said Marusiak.

The club has now been opened to all eligible high school students, requiring only two teacher recommendations via a Google form, and a $10 membership fee. Mrs. Reitz encourages any student who has not been invited but is passionate about art to talk to her about what they need to do to meet the requirements. New member Katie Ramirez shared her excitement about joining NAHS.

“I got in because I’ve taken around six different courses in fine arts over the past three years. I’m looking forward to seeing what we do in the future with the club,” said Ramirez.

LMP is eagerly anticipating what comes next from the National Art Honors Society and all that they bring to the school in the future.