Covid or Treat?


Not all Halloween traditions may be encouraged this is in the age of Covid-19.

Zainab Abdi, Staff Writer

Halloween is just around the corner, as is the danger of COVID-19. October 31 is supposed to be a holiday for kids throughout the United States to become their dreams for a night. However the question is, will Halloween be canceled like many other events this year due to the virus? If not, how is it possible to celebrate and stay safe? In these challenging times, everything is uncertain. Whether we like it or not, there’s a danger of sending kids out to touch the same baskets of candy and to be in close distance with others. 

As a response to this year’s distinctive issue regarding the event, candy and chocolate companies are working to make at home projects for families that they hope will keep the Halloween spirit alive. Hershey has worked to create more treats to accommodate families who may be staying home, such as Halloween family-sized chocolate bowls.

Mrs. Olga Tesmer, a parent at LMP, has creative ideas about how to celebrate Halloween during this pandemic, “I think Halloween should definitely be celebrated but instead of putting money towards candy or costumes, it should lean more towards decorating houses, almost like a parade. People can walk and drive around their neighborhoods and social distance while still receiving the Halloween spirit.” 

Some families plan to conduct scavenger hunts with children at home or schedule a get-together with friends via Zoom while dropping candy baskets in advance.

“I will probably watch a Halloween movie and eat candy corn,” said 8th grader Katie Rose Mundale-Jones. However different this year’s Halloween may be given the circumstances, creativity can bring the most entertainment and fun at home.

Floridian counties have yet to place restrictions or recommendations for the holiday. Even in the midst of a pandemic, some still want to partake in traditional Halloween festivities in the company of CDC guidelines.

As conflicting as this holiday may be, there is a way for everyone to celebrate it safely at home and outside.