Justice not served for Americans


Zainab Abdi, Staff Writer

After the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg, a rare vacant slot in the court has presented itself. President Trump has hastily worked to fill in the spot. In response to this, the majority of Americans disagree with the nomination and implementation of a new justice before the election. Polls conducted by FiveThirtyEight, show that 52% of Americans prefer to wait to fill the seat while 39% argue that it should be done immediately.

Normally, a president nominates someone as a justice. Then, the Senate must approve a nominee through the process of confirmation hearings and voting. However, with the election just weeks away, many argue that the American people will not be represented by the choosing of a new nominee. This is due to how there is a chance that the current president may be replaced. Citizens of the United States should have a voice in such a serious issue, especially since laws implemented by the Supreme Court can change their lives forever. The people’s voice should matter!

According to Fox News, Mitch McConnell, a Republican senator stated in 2016 regarding the issue of nominating a justice before the election, “The president nominates. The Senate confirms. The American people should have a voice, not this lame-duck president out the door….All we are doing is following the long-standing tradition of not fulfilling a nomination in the middle of a presidential year.”

Currently, McConnell has contrasted with his previous statements and is enthusiastically working toward appointing Trump’s nominee, Judge Coney Barett. McConnell has also demonstrated his excitement regarding the nomination on Twitter. It seems the American people’s voice is irrelevant if there’s something to gain for politicians. McConnell’s actions reek of hypocrisy and personal agenda while leaving no representation for the American people. 

Situations such as these should not be rushed. Most Supreme Court justices serve until death. In addition to this, they can only be removed through impeachment. The Supreme Court has played a crucial role in matters of segregation within schools and women’s right to vote according to wbur. This powerful court of law decides what is constitutional and what is not. In its true essence, what is right and what is wrong.

It is imperative politicians, both Democrat and Republican, put aside their agendas and focus on the people they are meant to serve: the American public. If they do not, corruption will prevail.