Power of Arts Should not Be Destroyed


Rhea Thakkar, Staff Writer

Many children all over the world are deprived of arts education. Though arts courses are some of the most important subjects in school, arts have the least funding in most schools and are highly under-appreciated. The arts are essential in helping students to be creative, to influence, and to relax, but without the arts, students become stifled in the never-ending intensity of a dull school day. 

The arts allow students to express their creativity in different, unique forms. Therefore, without them, students have no way to express their individuality artistically. Keeping children’s imaginations alive is crucial.

According to the National Association for Gifted Children, “Exposure to and experience with the arts allows children to create, design, generate, and compose new ideas, further developing the creative thinking inherent in young children. The creativity in a child is often suffocated by the measures of academics and sports.” 

 A 2015 NYU study revealed that 49% of high school students report feeling chronic stress, while 31% feel somewhat stressed. All around, the majority of high school students share the common feeling of stress. Arts combat this. They can bring a sense of peace to students and allow them to breathe, as opposed to the suffocating feeling of anxiety caused by intensive classes. Many students already rely on art as a cure and an escape from this feeling of anxiety to help them relax inside and outside of school. Students’ minds are able to calm down without having to think and follow any specific directions while they focus on their creative outlets. 

Students are also able to not only interact but influence a community and even inspire others using their creativity. The effects of art can be seen at Clements High School, where students have an art studio and publish their artwork for large communities, as well as for the internet. According to medium.com, an education in the arts can also help a student improve self-esteem and social skills. 

Arts are ultimately important and deserve more than what many schools are offering at the moment. The heavier application and contribution of arts into schools can have a significant positive effect on almost every child. Arts are fundamental. They provide creativity, which in turn can help to inspire and change the world.