Lake Mary Prep Hosts Mock Election


Students took part in the LMP mock election.

Rhea Thakkar, Staff Writer

Lake Mary Prep held a mock election on November 3, 2020, to determine whom the student population wanted to be President. The mock election was set up as such, where each student got one vote that contributed to the popular vote of LMP. The mock election winner was determined by the following Electoral College Vote ‘points system’ to simulate the way we actually elect our President. The great thing about the platform that was created is that 6th-grade to 12th-grade students just had to follow the instructions to vote on the system, and it does all the counting, etc. Students will cast their votes, and then that will contribute to the electoral choice based on the student’s history class size. If a history class has more students, then it will have more electoral votes. This is the ‘points system’ that has been created, and the class size refers to the size of each student’s History class course. There were a total of 141 Electoral Votes at stake for the Election at LMP, so the winning candidate needed to get 71 Electoral Votes in order to get the win! This platform was created by Dylan Harle and Tanner Balluff, two seniors who worked to make an efficient system to quickly determine the winner of the mock election. Andrew Dimitrakakis, a senior at LMP, said, “The mock election was very streamlined and not at all difficult…It was very easy just to input my vote and there were no annoying issues in the user interfaces.” 

A few days before the students cast their vote, 12th graders in government classes created videos describing the policies both the Democratic and Republican candidates wanted to implement during their possible presidency. In comparison to the United States election, LMP’s election was similar as it took into account both the popular and electoral vote. Lauren Carlson, a junior at LMP, stated, “I think that the aspect of making the history classes as electoral colleges was really smart and made them representative of the mock election.” Mr. LaMarre, a high school history teacher at LMP, said, “It seemed like it was fairly simple, straightforward, I think they found a very good way to do it so everyone could vote to their heart and anonymously.” Later that day, Isabelle Daoust and Dylan Harle announced the winner of both the electoral and popular vote. The popular vote turned out in Joe Biden’s favor as it was a vote of 122 popular votes for Biden and 97 for Trump, furthermore, the electoral votes also went to Biden in a 44-101 electorates. Sofia Mohring, a freshman at LMP had this to say about the results, “I think the results were good and I’m really excited to see what the next four years will bring.” Let’s see what happens in the next four years!