LMP Students Plan Christmas Break


The Christmas tree is one of the most popular decorations put up to celebrate Christmas.

Rachel Dearing, Staff Writer

Christmas break is right around the corner and students at Lake Mary Prep are excited to enjoy the holidays. They have started planning what they can do for fun, but also what they can do to stay safe.  Due to COVID-19, most students don’t want to risk traveling outside of the United States. However, there are students who want to go home and see their families for break.

It’s important for students, especially international students, to be able to travel home and visit family members. Eighth-grader Suryoung Jang has already traveled back to her home in Korea.

“I’m planning to see my cousin, grandparents, aunt, and friends,” Suryoung said.  Suryoung does celebrate Christmas, and she is very excited for the break. She plans on going shopping, visiting a ski resort, going to an amusement park, and traveling locally. COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in many students’ break plans and most of them don’t have the opportunity to see their family members. 

Senior Jason Bui, also an international student, will celebrate Christmas with his dorm friends. He won’t be traveling outside of the United States or Florida and will be unable to see his family because of the pandemic. He plans on celebrating the holidays in the dorm and decorating a Christmas tree.

“I am going to the beach, [will] hang out with friends, and buy a new gaming console,” said Jason. When asked if he was excited for break even though he would not see his family, he said, “Yes, I am. I bet you every kid loves Christmas.”

Ninth-grader Aleksandra Nikolic said her plans to travel to Colorado were canceled due to COVID-19. In order to stay safe, Sandra said she will be staying in the United States, traveling locally in Florida, attending Light Up UCF, and going ice skating. Sandra’s brother has returned home, and her grandparents are already home to enjoy the break. She said her family does celebrate Christmas. However, not as much as other families do.

“My family is super big with New Year’s, and being an Orthodox Christian, I also celebrate a more religious Christmas on Jan.7,” said Sandra.  

As Christmas break closes in the Griffin Gazette staffers wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!