Little Women Heads to the LMP Stage


Sonia Delgado’s design will be used as the show’s poster

Rhea Thakkar, Staff Writer

The LMP Drama program is performing its adaptation of the hit play, book, and movie Little Women. The story takes place from just before Christmas Day in 1861 to Christmas Day in 1862 and is about four sisters who focus on brightening the holiday. The setting of the show is in Concord, Massachusetts. LMP’s set-building team has taken it upon themselves to create the largest set to ever touch the LMP stage.

Drama teacher Mrs. Corrie held acting auditions and technical interviews before the holiday break in order for rehearsals to begin in January. The Little Women team will perform on March 5. There are two casts, one main and one understudy. The understudy cast will perform their own show on March 6. 

The main cast consists of 30 members–19 actors, and 11 people on the technical crew. The main character, Josephine March, will be played by Belle Daoust, the senior thespian troupe president. The male lead, Laurie, is being played by Leo McCauley. Lauren Carlson, Juliette Sadowski, and Juliana Brown are playing sisters Meg, Beth, and Amy March, respectively.

McCauley, an 8th grader, says, “I feel excited to be able to have such a big role, even being just a middle schooler. I’m really looking forward to working with Belle before she graduates. I got to see her in Shrek, and I can’t wait to see how the show works out.”

The understudy cast gives five other actors a chance to lead the stage. Ahanna Dhamija will take the stage as Josephine and Andrew Dimitrakakis will take her side in being the male understudy lead. The other three sisters (Meg, Beth, and Amy) will be played by Cadence Cobb, Sanvi Reddy, and Isabella Penagos in the understudy show.

Cobb, a 7th grader at LMP, says, “Being an understudy and having our own show really motivated me. I do also play the housekeeper, Hannah, in the main cast but having a separate understudy show and having a bigger part in that performance is truly amazing. I think it is really cool how Mrs. Corrie decided to do a period piece as well.” 

Mrs. Corrie is leading the technical crew as director of the show. Delaney Miller is the creative co-stage manager, and Violet Burch is the production co-stage manager. Sonia Delgado is the publicity and choreography chief while Ella Doherty is the costume chief. Gabriella Humleker is trying her hand on the tech crew as props chief, and Ben Tate is lighting chief.

Violet Burch, 7th grader,  said, “It is nerve-wracking having to run a show as only a middle schooler. I do tend to take on more of the technical and production side of managing but creativity is needed especially in a historical piece.”

Delgado, an 11th grader at LMP said, “I feel grateful and excited that Mrs. Corrie has trusted me with such a position. Being publicity chief and choreography chief is difficult but the challenge makes it worth it.” 

The show will perform two acts and has a total of 20 scenes. Tickets will cost $10 a person.