World Rings in 2021


Kaylyn Phung, Staff Writer

2021 was warmly welcomed by people throughout the world despite COVID-19 situations. Restrictions were placed in most countries, yet people were allowed to have a variety of celebrations to commemorate New Year’s.

In many states in the United States, crowds and gatherings were not permitted in public places. However, home celebrations like family dinners and fireworks were permitted to be carried out as usual. Sophomore Katie Amitrone stayed in Florida during the break to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve with her family. 

“This year my family and I stayed up and watched the musical performances, as well as the ball drop. The virus didn’t really interrupt my break and my time with loved ones at all since we all stayed together instead of seeing non-family members,” said Amitrone. 

Lake Mary Prep’s dorm students were offered a chance to stay at the dorms for their Winter break this year. As for New Year’s Eve, they gathered and enjoyed a homey dinner when sending goodbyes to all the hardships of 2020. Ally Kim, an LMP student from Korea, shares her experience of staying at the dorms during the Winter holidays. 

“We had dinner filled with foods like steak, shrimp, and hot dogs. After we ate, we lit fireworks and threw poppers outside. I did not enjoy this New Year’s Eve too much because I could not go back to Korea due to the pandemic and all of my friends were gone during the break,” said Kim. 

In Vietnam, New Year’s Eve was celebrated nationwide with many events and decorations. This occurred due to the fact that the country managed to control the number of cases during the pandemic. Khoa Nguyen, an LMP student from Vietnam, spent his New Year’s celebration there during this pandemic. 

“I spent most of my time in the center of the city with my friends to watch fireworks since we do not usually stay home during this day. I’m glad that the COVID-19 situations had been improved because it ended up not affecting my celebration at all,” said Nguyen.

On the other hand, Italy saw a more meticulously cautious New Year’s celebration this year due to the numerous protocols to curve the spread of coronavirus. Citizens were on lockdown with curfews from 10 at night to 7 in the morning. Italy, a hot spot of the contagion, had its New Year’s Eve celebration without fireworks to show its respect to the current environmental issues going on in the world. 

“This year, I could not hang out with my friends as I usually would due to the curfews in Milan. As a result of this, I had to stay at home the whole break. However, the most beautiful and important thing about this New Year was being able to spend it with my family, which doesn’t happen very often since I would leave my house and enjoy New Year’s Eve with friends,” said Carolina Roveda, an LMP student from Italy. 

After a hectic 2020 due to the destructive pandemic and other events, 2021 is looking to be a more positive and year for everyone.