Freshmen Make New Year’s Resolutions


Ian Aldridge, Ethan Walker, and Sarah Delvy weigh in on New Year’s resolutions.

Rachel Dearing, Staff Writer

2020 is over! This is the way many Lake Mary Prep students feel as they prepare to face whatever 2021 brings. The Freshmen at LMP have planned their New Year’s resolutions and are excited to follow through with them. 

How Are You Mentally Preparing for 2021? 

Ian Aldridge said, “I am praying that 2021 will be better than 2020. Overall many horrible things happened in 2020 that many of us hope will not happen ever again. It was a rough year for many people around the world.  Even though 2020 had many unexpected events happen, it is very important for students to focus on the good that 2020 brought. Perhaps focus on what they learned while going through hard times.”

Ethan Walker said, “I am preparing for 2021 by not thinking of it as a new year, more like I am expecting this to be the same as 2020. Things just don’t go the way with a snap of your fingers it takes time. I’m being neutral throughout the new year.” 

Sarah Delvy said, “I’m just trying to stay positive. This year it’s important for students to have a positive mindset.”

How Are You Physically Preparing for 2021? 

Walker said, “I am starting to exercise more for my own benefit.” It is very important for people to stay healthy throughout the year and make sure they are taking care of themselves. 

Aldridge said, “I’m continuing my daily workout routine and eating healthy as usual.  Throughout the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many people were given the chance to focus on taking better care of their health. They were stuck in quarantine for many months, some still are.  Which gives/provides them time to slow down and breathe.”

Delvy said, “I am physically trying to be with people that are kind and not toxic. I’m also trying to stay healthy through dance.” 

Do You Have Any Goals for 2021? 

Aldridge said, “My goal is to maintain the grind I’m on for the gym and not to waver. I feel like I could get lazy if I drop off. This year many of our freshmen are focusing on the goals they have set for themselves and how to change any of their bad habits that surfaced in 2020.”

Walker said, “I have a goal of growing taller and stronger throughout the year. It is something that I haven’t focused on for a while. I have to stay in good shape if I want to perform at my best.” 

Delvy said, “My goals are to simply to stay positive and stay healthy throughout the period of COVID-19.”