Day in the Life: Lauren Carlson, Actor at LMP


Junior Lauren Carlson feels at home backstage.

Rhea Thakkar, Staff Writer

Being an actor at Lake Mary Prep isn’t always easy considering constantly performing, leading the stage, and potentially even qualifying for higher-level tournaments. Take it from Junior Lauren Carlson who is consistently involved in performing and has a role as the business analyst for the Senior Thespian Troupe 7189. 

Carlson was asked what a day in her life looked like.

“I focus on vocal health that way I can sing, physical health so I can dance, and my memorization so I am prepared to act, whenever necessary. Besides this, my mornings are pretty standard though,” said Carlson. 

Carlson talked about how her class schedule is pretty difficult to work around. 

“I take four AP classes, and if my classes aren’t AP, they are honors. I don’t take a study hall which makes things more difficult, and in 4th period, I actually take Mrs. Corrie’s Independent Advanced Theatre Study class. It encompasses a lot of acting and planning for the drama troupes,” said Carlson. 

Carlson works tirelessly to keep up with her high-level classes, as well as to keep up with her youth theatre career. 

Where Carlson’s schedule becomes the busiest is after 3:15 p.m.

“After school, I have Little Women rehearsal, where I act for the school’s show. Then, every week I go to the Dr. Phillips Center from 7 p.m.-9 p.m. and rehearse with 4Counts, their premiere performance group.”

As if all this wasn’t enough for this hardworking performer, there’s more Carlson does to pursue her passion, even on the weekends.

“I have voice lessons two to three times a week and often perform with the Dr. Phillips group on Saturdays.”