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2020-2021 Staff

Bruno Brito

Editor in Chief

E aiiii?! I'm Bruno Brito and I am a junior at Lake Mary Prep. This is my third year at the school and my second year as a part of the journalism team. Luckily for me, I was promoted to Editor in Chief and I get to lead our first...

Zainab Abdi

“The highest degree of journalism is being murdered by the CIA.” -unknown Bienvenido bros. I’m Zainab Abdi. Pronounced Zay-nub (I gotchu). This is my first-year at LMP and I’m a freshman. So far, I’ve had a pretty...

Zofia Miller

Staff Writer

Waddup my fellow comrades, I’m a 3000-year-old bog body that was excavated from the peat 16 years ago and I’ve been miserable ever since. I’m a Junior at LMP and this is my first year on the Gazette. I like writing, drawin...

Rachel Dearing

Staff Writer

Hi! I'm Rachel Dearing and I like to explode things! I exploded the microwave, freezer, and fridge in the same week! When I'm not exploding things, I'm probably training for tennis, or spending most of my free time reading. I...

Rhea Thakkar

Staff Writer

Hi! I am a freshman at LMP and this is my first year on staff. I have been going to LMP for 11 years now and I am your typical brown girl. Instead of having fun on the weekends, I spend my weekends at debate competitions and dram...

Liz Odife

Staff Writer

My name is Elizabeth Odife, but please call me Liz for if you attempt to pronounce my last name you’re going to butcher it horrendously. I would rather publish my atrocious writing from third grade, when I believed I was go...

Kaylyn Phung

Advertising, Writer and Photographer

Hi! I'm Kaylyn Phung. I'm a sophomore at LMP, and I'm from Vietnam. I love taking photos and painting, although art is definitely not my thing. In my free time, I would wander around places with my little camera rather than streaming...

Maisie Tidey

Advertising, Media Coordinator

Hi! My name is Maisie, I am a senior, and this is my first year on staff. I was thankfully chosen to be an advertising and media coordinator for the first version of the Griffin Gazette. I love to read and you'll most likely always...

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