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  • March 73/7/22 6:00pm...JH Track @Mt. Dora Christian
  • March 73/7/22 3:30pm...Beach Volleyball vs. Foundation @Red Bug
Challis Payne

Challis Payne, Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Challis Payne and I am a senior at LMP. A little about me is that I originate from England and have been living in Florida for about 10 years. I am deaf and have been wearing hearing aids ever since birth. The reason for it is relatively unknown be it through my prematurity or simply through medications needed to keep me alive. Moving on from the heavy, I am an avid reader, writer, and love helping others, including the ocean.

I'm into soccer and recently obtained a scuba diving license which will help me to keep that unknown underwater world clean and preserved. If you ask me if I prefer England or America I can happily tell you that both have their pros and cons just as every country does. Also, yes, I still very much have my accent. 

If you're here for the dog (which is understandable): Meet Goose. He's my brother's puppy and a lunatic, to say the least. He loves TRYING to play with the cats and stealing socks.

That's all, thank you and goodbye! :)


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Challis Payne