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  • January 151/15 5:30/7:00pm...Boys/Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Faith @LMP
  • January 151/15 5:30pm.. Boys Varsity Soccer vs.TFA @ LMP
My name is Elizabeth Odife, but please call me Liz for if you attempt to pronounce my last name you’re going to butcher it horrendously. I would rather publish my atrocious writing from third grade, when I believed I was going to be the next JK Rowling, than hear you attempt a proper pronounciation of my last name. Moving on, it is imperative that you recognize that despite my big vocabulary I still lack the intellectual capacity to create a grammatically correct sentence. This short paragraph is a clear demonstration, I enjoy listening to music, for it allows me to escape from the year 2020 temporarily and this is my first year on staff, as a Sophomore. To any college scouts reading this, log off and never witness this atrocity again.

Liz Odife, Staff Writer

Dec 16, 2020
Christmas Traditions with Pagan Origins (Story)
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Liz Odife