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  • January 181/18/22 5:30/7:00pm...JV/BV Basketball vs. University HS
  • January 181/18/22 5:00/7:00pm...Girls/Boys Soccer @Circle Christian
  • January 181/18/22 4:00pm...JH Basketball @Trinity Prep
Zainab Abdi
“The highest degree of journalism is being murdered by the CIA.” -unknown

Bienvenido bros. I’m Zainab Abdi. Pronounced Zay-nub (I gotchu). This is my first-year at LMP and I’m a freshman. So far, I’ve had a pretty decent experience here at LMP. I’m participating in the debate team and I’m looking forward to playing basketball this year, my favorite sport. I enjoy learning about nearly everything, from U.S. policies to new galaxies, meaning I can be very annoyingly curious at times. I'm writing for the Griffin Gazette, the first newspaper I've ever written for. It's providing a substantial distraction from the catastrophe that is 2020. I do hope that reading my writing or the writing of my colleagues' enlightens new topics for you or sparks an interest within your mind. Thank you for reading, and I sincerely hope my future writing is better than this paragraph... you should stick around to find out!


, Staff Writer

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Zainab Abdi